Research In Motion Joins Wireless Power Consortium

Engadget caught the information regarding Research In Motion joining the Wireless Power Consortium recently. The Wireless Power Consortium is comprised of many technology driven companies such as Samsung, Energizer and Nokia, all with one goal in mind. How to free you from wires and charge your devices through the air. The concept is a great one that has a ton of potential for the future but currently still needs more improvement, which is why the consortium was established.

The current rates in which devices are charged through the air is substantially less then that of it's wired counterparts making the technology not as usful as it could be. As more companies get on board with the idea, more testing and innovation in the sector can be achieved. And with that, we can one day hope to never have to be reaching for an extra battery or looking around a busy airport for a unoccupied plugin which is well, pretty impossible to find. Hard to say when we will see this technology come to market but it's getting closer with each company that signs on.

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