BlackBerry NFC key-card
There is a lot of buzz lately about NFC in BlackBerry smartphones, and what it can do (which right now, isn't anything really) and the potential for what it could do in the future. Assa Abloy announced Tuesday that they are collaborating with Research In Motion on including key-card technology in NFC enabled BlackBerry devices such as the Bold 9900.

Assa Abloy is the world's top lock group as well as a leader in mobile key technology, with buildings around the world already using their HID iClass system. Combining the NFC capabilities with key-card technology would enable users to replace access cards in their office as well as possibly work with home security, hotels, time reports, payments, and more in the future. This is the first venture into putting their technology into mobile phones for Assa Abloy, and while the agreement isn't exclusively tied to RIM, they haven't made deals with any other platform at this time.

Source: AP