Research In Motion CEO Jim Balsillie Named Business Newsmaker of the Year

As the Canadian Press proclaims, Research In Motion's co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, has been named business newsmaker of the year. Jim and his team at Research In Motion had its ups and downs but still came out of 2009 looking pretty good if you ask me. The Canadian Press announcement focuses more on Jim's attempted Phoenix Coyotes take over purchase this past year, moreso than his involvement with Research In Motion and the making of BlackBerry Smartphones.

In any event, a lot of 2009's news segments were indeed dedicated to much of what Balsillie was up to on all fronts be it the NHL, BlackBerry outages or just simply Research In Motion's stance in the wireless market. Jim Balsillie made plenty of headlines in 2009 and the award seems quite fitting to me. Congrats on the award Mr. Balsillie, but as a BlackBerry user I can only hope there will be less outages in 2010 for news outlets to report on.