Some rather interesting happenings with Research In Motion today. The news of them having acquired Cellmania, a mobile storefront operator, is something seemingly small but could turn out to be one of the larger acquisitions the company has made in quite some time.  As it stands right now, BlackBerry App World has launched paid applications in 55 countries but have not as yet, been able to totally grab carriers with their offerings.

Given that Cellmania has agreements in place with such companies as Telstra, Telus, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, Airtel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Optus, Orange, among others for their white labelled service, mFinder this puts Research In Motion in a good spot. While most of the focus around the acquisition has stated that Research In Motion may use Cellmania to help with BlackBerry App World that may not be the full scenario.

Rather then assisiting directly with BlackBery App World, Cellmania could be looked at as more of another method of distribution since they already have a great infrastructure in place. Handling billling, payments and delivery of applications is what Cellmania has excelled at thus far. It's still too early to say what Research In Motion plans to do with Cellmania but, given Cellmanias scope of business it's conceivable that their services will be utilized in more ways then one. Be it streamilining the workings of BlackBerry App World or opening up other doors to gain access to a wide array of carrier support.

Source: Techcrunch

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