Reporting Twitter Spam

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I like Twitter bots. You mention something in a tweet, and a friendly computer program responds. For me, it's usually pretty funny. On the other hand, I really hate Twitter spam bots. It's getting to the point where you can't even say the word "phone" in a tweet without getting hit in the face with an offer for a free iPad. I've got news for you, Internet. If someone advertises that you can get a tablet for free, you'd better believe there are strings attached to that statement.

While it's not like your GMail spam folder, Twitter does have a mechanism for dealing with these spammers. Reporting a user for spam will make it impossible for that user to follow your account or reply to your tweets and "Twitter's Trust and Safety Team will review the account"

To report a spammer in the Twitter for BlackBerry application, first find the Twitter spam Tweet. Tap/click the spammer's account name to view their profile. Open the menu by pressing the menu key (the BlackBerry one), and select Report Spam. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to report the user for Spam.

Twitter Spam bots aren't going anywhere, but if we all report these nefarious programs (and users), we can make it at least a little harder for them to operate. Plus, you'll never have to hear from that user again. Have you reported a Twitter spammer today?

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