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Called “Analyzing the Return on Investment of a Blackberry User” it is every bit as boring as it sounds. But deep within the report by Ipsos Reed are some interesting facts. We read the report so you don’t have to but if you are into that sort of thing you can read it here .

The report published this week concludes that each BlackBerry user converts one hour of downtime a day into productive time. Results from a similar report conducted by the same company in 2004 were compared to responses this year. One interesting statistic is that fewer people believe their BlackBerrys increase their productivity than the people three years ago. Yet usage was up an average of 15 minutes per day and BlackBerrys today come with many more productivity tools.

On the other hand a majority of respondents believe that their BlackBerrys do save them personal time. The average respondent claims to save more than 40 minutes of personal time as a result of their BlackBerry usage.

The majority of the report is geared toward management and detailing the cost saving that management can realize by implementing a BlackBerry solution for their companies and employees. The Survey reports that most respondents believe that BlackBerrys increase productivity and increase work output.

It is estimated that the average BlackBerry user gets 26 time sensitive e-mails each week while they are out of the office. The BlackBerry cuts down lost time.

The conclusions that Ipsos Reed reach estimate that companies can make significant returns on investment in the BlackBerry and most corporations can make their money back in as little as six months.