SeeClickFix is geodynamic application that is part of a movement to bring citizens closer with their local governments. The premise of the app is simple - when you come across a non-emergency issue in your community (ie. pothole, graffiti, broken street light) just open the app, describe the problem and upload a picture if you wish. This issue will then make its way to the powers to be in your local government, containing a description of the problem, picture, and GPS location that was provided by your BlackBerry. The appropriate department can then dispatch the proper employees out to fix whatever this issue may be. Also, any others using the application who are following the neighborhood with the reported issue will be notified immediately, keeping your community up to date on any problems in the area. All these issues are "shared" throughout all the users in the neighborhood. So if you drive by a few days later and see that the issue is fixed, you can upload a new photo telling that the problem is resolved, and all will be notified. Obviously not all areas have adopted this service, but it is growing very quickly. If you are tired of hitting those annoying potholes, let your local government know, and if they are not signed up for SeeClickFix Plus, request that they do.

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