Deadlines are a way of life nowadays. Whether it's my day job, blogging, or a home project, keeping track of the time I have available makes a world of difference, and can really help motivate me instead of putting it off "one more day". The developer of Neelam has come out with this simple time management app that helps manage those minutes left until that report is due. Acting as a simple extension to the native calendar, the app will allow you to display exactly how long until an event will occur. If you need to remember to do something 20 days from now, instead of pulling out the calendar and counting the days, you can use the app to set the event at a particular interval with no fuss. You can display the time remaining right down to the second, or choose to have it display a much more general "2 days". Even leap years are accounted for, if you are planning that far in advance. Available in the CB store for $1.99 for all devices running 4.5 OS and up.

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