Occasionally, your BlackBerry Provider will send you new services and some new icon will show up on your screen. You may even download a program that you find you don’t need and then want to get rid of. Getting rid of a program is actually quite easy in most cases.

You also have the option of just hiding the icon if it is a program you want to keep but don’t want to get rid of the icon.

To hide or move an icon: move your curser over the icon you want to modify. Press the ALT key and the Track Wheel. In the top right hand menu select either Move Icon or Hide Application. By hitting the Move Application option you can move the selected icon into an order you want on your screen. To hide the application, hit Hide Application. And click the Track Wheel. The icon will disappear.

To restore, click the ALT key and Track Wheel. Select Show All. You will then see all of the icons on your BlackBerry including those you have hidden. The hidden icons will have a thin cross through them. To restore, select the icon. Hit ALT and the Track Wheel again and then select Hide Application from the menu. The check mark will disappear and the icon will be restored.

To remove an icon and the application it represents you must select the Options icon. Once in the Options menu, select Applications. Select the program and click the Track Wheel. Select Delete from the Menu. Be careful here as deleting is a permanent move.