Carrier IQ on BlackBerry

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We've talked a great deal about the Carrier IQ situation here at CrackBerry. The carrier diagnostic tool has received quite a lot of attention from the press. While Research In Motion has stated in no uncertain terms that it does not install Carrier IQ on its phones; it is nevertheless possible for this software to end up on your BlackBerry. T-Mobile, for example, includes IQ Agent with its My Account application. AT&T revealed that Carrier IQ is included with its Mark the Spot application.

There are no special tools or programs you'll need to remove the agent from a BlackBerry; everything you'll need is already part of the BlackBerry operating system. In this article, we're going to discuss removing a single application module and not the entire application itself. This may have unintended consequences for your BlackBerry, and you may wish to just delete the entire My Account application (or similar, for other carriers) from your Smartphone. 

  • Enter application management. Options -> Device -> Application Management. For devices running a BlackBerry OS prior to 6.0, check out this Knowledge Base Article
  • Press the menu key (the BlackBerry logo one) and select Modules from the list
  • Look for the IQAgent module. In OS 6.0+, you can search for "IQ" or "agent"
  • The net_rim_bb_drm_agent is fine and not a part of CarrierIQ -- if that's all you see, then CarrierIQ is not present.
  • Highlight the IQAgent module, press the menu key, and choose delete
  • You may be prompted to restart your BlackBerry

Be very careful about deleting application modules. If you delete the wrong one, you may end up trashing a perfectly acceptable application or needing to restore a Nuked BlackBerry. If you're up to it, send us some screenshots via Twitter of your Carrier IQ IQAgent being deleted. Mention @CrackBerry and include the hashtag #goodbyeciq

Source: eWeek

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