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Onstar for BlackBerry

Last week Hyundai let us know that they are working on a BlackBerry application to work with their Bluelink in-car technologies, and now GM has officially stepped into the ring with OnStar. Today those with an OnStar enabled Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick or GMC that live in the USA will be able to access features like activating your horn & lights, starting your vehicle remotely, locking/unlocking your doors and more.


  • NEW!  Find a destination on your phone and send it directly to your OnStar Turn-by-Turn or In-Dash navigation system (OnStar Directions & Connections subscription required).  Your directions will be downloaded and available upon vehicle start, and you are on your way.   
  • Lock/unlock your doors from any distance
  • Start your vehicle remotely (based on vehicle capability)
  • Control your Chevrolet Volt charging and charge mode settings
  • Activate your Horn & Lights to help locate your vehicle
  • Contact an OnStar Advisor, Roadside Assistance or your Preferred Dealer

Unprecedented connectivity to:
  • View real-time fuel information, including fuel range, gallons of gas remaining and your lifetime MPG
  • View your Chevrolet Volt battery state of charge, electric range, electric miles and MPG
  • Check your current lifetime mileage
  • Check your remaining oil life
  • View your current tire pressure information
  • Access account information

Of course for some of these features you will need OnStar paid services and a data connection on your BlackBerry smartphone. The OnStar app is only available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Bold 9930 at this time, but I would expect that to change in the coming months. Also, I hope that a BlackBerry 10 application using the Cascades framework is underway; I’m sure it would look amazing and function like a charm.

Download the OnStar app for BlackBerry smartphones

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