A reminder of why wiping your BlackBerry is a good thing to do should you ever sell or trade it

These days, a lot of people swap phones. It's no task to find a used phone on Kijiji, eBay or even in the CrackBerry Forums marketplace. I've traded and sold numerous phones in the past and ensuring my private information wasn't left on this was always my top concern and it should be yours as well, should you be looking into selling or trading your device and here's a prime example why, as found on Kijiji:

A lady on Kijiji sold me this Blackberry Curve 8500 with Bell stating that it could be 'unlocked' ....now stay with me....the phone looks and works great I've played with it and changed the settings it is truly a great phone and it comes with a case. However, I am going to tell you the honest truth about the phone since the lady lied about it to me and it was THE WORST , the phone cannot be unlocked from Bell. Hence why I am selling it at such a great price, $100 firm. I am stuck with a contract in Telus and the phone is virtually useless to me. Here's the best part as an added FREE BONUS GIFT you get all of her scantily clad bar pictures that she didn't delete, and all of her contacts. Only serious offers please, ok I'm kidding obviously I want hilarious responses too. 

Ya. Wipe your phones people. Especially if you got some nudies on there. If you need to know how to wipe and reload and OS before getting rid of a device, check out our extensive guide here. Just remember, in this case you can skip the reloading of a backup portion. Thanks, K-Fos!

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