Just a quick reminder before we shut down for the night that we'll be hitting it hard tomorrow starting with the general session keynote at 9am EDT.

The keynote will kick off BlackBerry Live with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, CMO Frank Boulben and COO Kristian Tear taking the stage along with some "special guests" to talk BlackBerry 10, the future of mobile computing and more. 

We'll be manning the press seats and bringing you the play-by-play, so don't miss out. After the keynote is over things won't slow down either. We'll bring you all our thoughts on whatever announcements there may be and we'll also keep things going as Alec Saunders leads off for the BlackBerry Jam keynote at 1:00pm EDT.

After that we'll start up CrackBerry Live for day two, so maybe blocking off your whole day to stayed locked to CB isn't a bad idea.