Users of the native BlackBerry 10 app 'Reminder Now' will be happy to see an update hitting BlackBerry World today. Version 4 brings a selection of enhancements and fixes, including BlackBerry Maps integration for location reminders.

If you've not tried the app before it's a pretty handy one to have if you think you would benefit from people and location reminders. For example - you pass the local supermarket and Reminder Now will let you know that you need to buy some beer. Clever stuff.

There's plenty more to it than that so if you're tempted you can hit up the link at the base of the post to purchase the app which is priced at $1.99.

Press Release

 Pune, India (March 30 th , 2014) – Emberify launches Reminder Now version four on BlackBerry World. Reminder Now is a productivity app which provides the user with contact and location based reminders. It is updated with BlackBerry Maps, Adaptive theme, 10.3 colour theme and major improvements.

New features in Reminder Now v4:

  • BlackBerry Maps integration for location reminders

  • Adaptive theme with light or dark theme

  • New color theme with 10.3

  • Reduced battery consumption

  • Higher accuracy for location reminders

  • Bug fixes

Reminder Now allows the user to create reminders based on contextual events like location or a trigger from contacts. It also has a quick list of things to do. "Based on user feedback on our Emberify BBM Channel we built Reminder Now v4 to enhance productivity of our user base. It should be a key app for BlackBerry Leap users as well since it goes with the tag power to succeed," says Shashwat Pradhan, BlackBerry Elite Developer and the Founder of Emberify.

More information/Download Reminder Now for BlackBerry 10