July has buzzed on by but it's not too late to catch up with BlackBerry Mobile and all social happenings. BBMobile has been crushing their Instagram game with regularly updated stories, videos, and posts. Right now there's actually a community call to action around the #ShotOnKEYone hashtag - so share your best summer photos shot on the BlackBerry KEYone for a chance to be featured on their channel.


Besides Instagram, BlackBerry Mobile is prevalent on Facebook and Twitter keeping users up to date on the latest announcement and updates, such as back in stock notifications for some of their major retailers such as Amazon (US). If you're a YouTube viewer or avid LinkedIn user, BlackBerry Mobile has their own spaces on these platforms as well and are inviting users to subscribe.

Our post just earlier today on Orange France offering the BlackBerry KEYone was plucked right off the company's twitter where they even shared extra details that a retail presence for KEYone was setup in Paris. Finer details like this make BBMobile social channels a good place to join up so you can stay updated will all the announcements and upcoming news.