Heads up developers! It's the final day of December and that means January has snuck up on us. While you may have though you had plenty of time to get your apps submitted for BlackBerry 10, there are only 11 short days left to get them in! It's been months of webcasts, hackathons and port-a-thons and now we're in the final stretch. If you want to be sure your apps are approved and ready for BlackBerry 10, you have until 8p EST on January 11th to get them in.

After that, you will have until January 21st to submit eligible apps for the Built for BlackBerry program as part of the $10k Developer Challenge. This means that RIM will pay the difference between your earnings and $10,000 for that app. You can find the full details of the program here if you haven't looked them over already.

We're banking on the amazing developer community to put out some awesome apps for BlackBerry 10. The content in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 is on your shoulders. We can't wait to see what great apps are ready and waiting when we fire up our first BlackBerry 10 devices.

While we'll find out more about more mainstream apps like Skype, Instagram, Netflix and all the "wants" of users at the January unveiling, you can head to and Tweet your favorite app makers to get their apps up and running on BlackBerry 10. 

More details on the $10k Developer Commitment