Introducing the CrackBerry Superstore for BlackBerry

Earlier this week we launched our new mobile CrackBerry Mobile SuperStore which has received a whack load of downloads and a ton of positive feedback so far. There are still even more improvements and features coming, but users are loving the Superstore / aisle concept which separates apps, games, themes and accessories into their own areas and the overall speed of the new app. If you haven't given it a go yet, you can download the CrackBerry Mobile Super Store here.

CrackBerry Superstore Launch Contest: To celebrate the CrackBerry Superstore grand opening, we're giving away a 32GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad, 5 Blueant V1 Bluetooth Headsets, or one of 25 copies each of BerryBuzz, Druglord Wars, and iBerry - all top-selling apps. The contest runs from Tue, March 30 through Mon, April 5 at 12:00p CST. You can enter for your chance to win by downloading the CrackBerry Superstore via the email option on our download page (visit on computer). Click here for details.

CrackBerry Superstore Launch Sale: From now until April 5, all software purchases (apps, games, and themes) are 20% off in both the CrackBerry Superstore and the standard mobile web browser version of the app store ( on your BlackBerry). Customers just need to enter coupon code, "super" during checkout.Please Note: The coupon code does not work in the full web store (browsing from computer) - it's only valid in the mobile app store and SuperStore clients.

Tons of App Deals: 20% off coupon aside, there are a simply a ton of great app deals going on right now offered by developers directly. If you check out the Special Offers section, you'll find many apps discounted down to 99 cents and many others at greatly reduced prices. There are literally 99 apps for the Bold 9700 right now that are on sale at 50% (or more) off regular price. Check it out!