Just a quick friendly reminder for those of you holding shares of BBRY that Friday morning we'll see BlackBerry report its Year-End and Q4 fiscal earnings.

The earnings report should cross the wire around 7am ET, and the conference call will kick-off at 8am ET. Those wanting to listen into the conference call can dial 1-800-814-4859 or click into the webcast here.

CrackBerry's plan of attack for the day is as follows:

  • We'll blog up the press release here just as soon as it hits
  • At that point our in-house analyst Chris Umiastowski will get to work on his follow-up editorial about what the numbers mean. We'll post that just as fast as it's ready.
  • We'll be listening to the live conference call (no live blog or chat room this time.. it's just *sooo early*) and will write up any news articles that may occur during the call from things that CEO John Chen says. No guarantees there will be, but if there is you'll hear it here!
  • Around 2pm ET (maybe a little sooner) we'll fire up a live CrackBerry podcast to talk about all of the recent BlackBerry news and of course the earnings call. By that time we'll have a better indiciation of the markets reaction and more time to digest where things are at

In the meantime, be sure to read our Earnings Preview and check out our BBRY page for the latest BlackBerry company news.