Developer Webinar Today!

Just a quick reminder for all the current and want to be BlackBerry developers out there that RIM's holding a webinar today at 2pm EST. The free webinar will present an overview of web development for BlackBerry smartphones and describe best practices for creating great mobile web applications. It will also be available for download on the BlackBerry Developers Blog a few days down the road.

Today's webinar will include:

  • Demonstrations of the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio v1.2 and the BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse v1.0
  • A discussion on the benefits of using these development tools to preview, debug and profile your web applications for the BlackBerry Browser
  • Tips & Tricks on how web applications can be optimized for the BlackBerry Browser and an overview of techniques to increase visibility of web content to the BlackBerry community
  • A Q&A period where answers to questions raised can be provided in real time

If you're interested in participating in the webinar, you can register here.