Calmbiance for BlackBerry

A few years ago when on an airport layover I picked up one of those noise making machines from a Brookestone store for $50. I actually put it to good use for a while, but somewhere along the line I misplaced it (buried in a box in my basement somewhere I'm guessing). Earlier this week I woke up at 3am one night and couldn't get back to sleep, so logically I popped open the CrackBerry App Store to see what I could find to fill the relaxing noise making void on my BlackBerry. Lo and behold I discovered the newly released Calmbiance from Mobilisk.

For $3.99, Calmbiance offers 12 soothing and relaxing sounds, ranging from light rain and ocean to whales and white noise. You can set simple options like how long you want it to play for and what action to take once the playtime is over. And you can of course adjust the volume with your device volume up/down buttons.

Suffice to say, it worked. I went with light rain and was asleep again before I knew it. Combined with a BlackBerry charging pod on your night stand, it's a simple and effective solution. And unlike my Brookestone noise machine, I know I'll never pack my BlackBerry away during spring cleaning!

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