Removable batteries FTW!  Battery Poll Results

Back in April we ran a poll asking the community if it mattered whether or not BlackBerry 10 phones had removable batteries. You can see the results of the poll above. Over 60% of you said YES. I sort of the expected the results to go that way on CrackBerry. Tools, not toys, right? 

Historically, it has always been the norm for BlackBerry Smartphones to have a removable battery. But given that the BlackBerry PlayBook and Dev Alpha -- the first two BlackBerry devices running on the next generation QNX platform that powers BlackBerry 10 -- have not had removable batteries, we weren't sure what would happen for BB10 phones going forward.

With Research In Motion showing off BlackBerry 10 phones to partners and the media these past two weeks, it's become clear that BB10 phones hitting the market next year will definitely have removable batteries. And based on the poll results, I'd have to say that's GREAT NEWS for a lot of us. We actually did make mention of this in a previous blog post back on August 14th, but knowing this is something so many of you have been wondering about (and somebody asked me about still today), I figured a dedicated post on the subject was in order. So rejoice! You WILL have the option to swap out your battery if you need to on your BlackBerry 10 phone. 


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