Industry Use Cases for EFSS

BlackBerry has once again kicked off their informational webinars for WatchDox, and if you're interested, you can now get yourself registered for the latest one happening on Thursday, Feb 25, 2016, at 11:00 AM EST. Titled 'Industry use cases for EFSS', the webinar is set to last an hour and will cover common use cases for WatchDox.

WatchDox by BlackBerry is the world leader in secure Enterprise File Share and Synchronization, allowing users to easily access, share, sync and collaborate across any desktop or mobile device. At the same time, WatchDox is resolving customers' data leakage concerns by simplifying DRM protection for both users and administrators, protecting and controlling files even after they have been downloaded outside the firewall.

In this webinar we will share the common use cases for WatchDox and highlight how peers in your industry are using it to solve their file sharing and data leakage challenges. Over 150 of the Fortune 1000, including the largest civilian federal agencies, six of the top twelve private equity firms and most of the six major Hollywood studios depend on WatchDox. Discover how WatchDox can meet the needs of your organization as well.

Registration for the webinar is open now, and you don't need a BlackBerry Technical support account to tune in, as it's open to everyone who may be interested in learning more about WatchDox and how it can be implemented within organizations.

WatchDox by BlackBerry 'Industry use cases for EFSS' webinar