Hot on the trail of Verizon and Sprint, AT&T has fired up their own BlackBerry Q10 page as well. While you can't pre-order a device just yet, you can register for email updates to stay in the loop as we get closer to launch. If all goes as planned, AT&T users should be able to pick up a new Q10 in just a few weeks.

We assume that just like BlackBerry Z10, the Q10 will arrive on all of the major US carriers right around the same time. As of now all we know is that it will be in "early June" and, while that's not very definitive, only gives prospective Q10 owners a few more weeks to hold out.

Head to the link below for more information and to register for BlackBerry Q10 updates from AT&T.

Get BlackBerry Q10 updates from AT&T

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