Live in or near Berlin or plan on being in town for IFA 2018? If so, you can now register for a special BlackBerry Mobile IFA Berlin 2018 party. Details are scarce aside from the time, date and location, but the registration does note a 'special introduction.' BlackBerry Mobile also put out a teaser today.

We will celebrate together a special introduction at "Das Stue," situated in the heart of the embassy district. The hotel offers stunning views of the Tiergarten Park, the Berlin Zoological Garden, and Berlin's western and eastern skylines.

If you plan on attending, you'll certainly want to register as soon as possible. These open invite events tend to fill up rather quickly once they get announced and once full up, that's it! With that in mind, please don't register unless you're in the area or otherwise positive you can attend.

Register for the BlackBerry Mobile IFA Berlin 2018 Party