Saudi Arabia

Sure seems that way according to a report from MSNBC. The agreement, which was advised to MSNBC by a Saudi regulatory official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the details of the deal with the media, would have Research In Motion installing a BlackBerry server within Saudi Arabia. If this report is in anyway accurate and Research In Motion is installing looking at this as a viable option, it opens the doors for other governments to request the same treatment.

With the United Arab Emirates announcing it will ban BlackBerry services starting in October and Indonesia and India threatening the same action based on their claims the system doesn't allow for control of the data within the network, we could see a lot back and forth happening here between Governments and Research In Motion. While it's still too early to tell how all things will play out, it's quite an interesting topic when you really look into all the parties involved here and their reasonings for such actions.

Source: MSNBC

Via: @zacharye