Reebee shopping list and flyer app returns to BlackBerry World

Back when BlackBerry 10 launched, one of my favorite apps was Reebee. The app collected all the local flyers in my area and presented them in a way that was easy to read, so I could keep up with any sales that were happening through stores nearby. Eventually, Reebee stopped being updated, and I switched to Flipp, which offers a similar service though I found it to be slightly less reliable when it came to finding all available flyers.

Looking through the new arrivals section in BlackBerry World earlier, I noticed Reebee has released a new version of their app on BlackBerry World. This time around, they chose the Android route but have added plenty of new features over their previous version which has since been removed.

  • Flyers: Flyers at your fingertips - Reebee delivers your local favourite flyers right to your smartphone. Find great weekly savings on groceries, electronics, home improvement and more.
  • Shopping List: Keep organized with a single list. Add items directly from flyers, as well as your own notes. Price matching in store has never been easier - simply tap an item from your shopping list to take you directly to the item in the flyer. You can also view details and buy products from retailers website online - all from Reebee.
  • Search: Quickly find flyers and products you are looking for with Reebee's powerful search. We help you find the best price and quality on products in your area. The days of flipping through endless flyers to get the best deal are over.
  • Favourites: - Only show your favourite flyers
  • Categories: - Filter flyers by category of choice
  • Current: Up to date selection of deals you can access in store today
  • Upcoming: A sneak preview of deals soon to come
  • Offline Browsing: Previously viewed flyer pages are available without an internet connection
  • Notifications: Get reminded of new content
  • New Content Marker: A blue dot identifies fresh and new flyers

Unlike Flipp, Reebee only works in Canada, which is part of the reason I think they're better at ensuring most of the Canadian flyers are actually there whereas with Flipp, it was all rather hit or miss. In any case, if you like digging through flyers but don't want to deal with the actual paper versions, Reebee is a great option to try out. Plus, the whole shopping list function is great for when you need to remember items you saw you wanted to pick up.

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