There are no shortage of loyalty cards strewn about my desk. Older cards are stuffed in drawers, others in my wallet, and even more on my key ring. Honestly, I let it get out of hand and have always looked for a way to organize them. There are various applications currently available to digitize those plastic cards and tags, however, there is always room for one more and it is appropriately called Loyalty.

Loyalty is a native application to create and store all of your store cards and is available in two versions. The free version limits you to storing three cards only while the full version grants unlimited cards as well as a backup/restore option.

Once the application is installed, you simply tap on the add cards button at the bottom to open the input screen. From here you can select your program from the drop down list (presets are for Canada only) or manually enter in the program if it does not. For those who do not wish to sit and enter in each digit of their code, have no fear, as it comes with a scan barcode option. Using this feature, you can use your BlackBerry camera to take a picture of your loyalty card's barcode to instantly translate the number into the field.

Now while it cannot connect with your company directly to track any points you may have, you can color code each of your programs. Rather than choose one color from a dropdown list, there is actually a slider whereby you can adjust the blue, green, and red colors to create your own color wheel of sorts. This way each card will have its own unique identifier when you open the application as it does not show or store the company logo. The ones already entered for select Canadian vendors have a set color scheme assigned though you can modify.


  • Create and save your Loyalty Cards for easy access, up to 3 with Loyalty Free
  • Use one of the preset Loyalty Cards to quickly get started
  • Easily scan new Loyalty Cards using your device's camera
  • Display a barcode of your Loyalty Card instead of fighting with your wallet
  • Keep track of your points after each transaction
  • Customize your experience with custom Loyalty Card colors
  • BBM Integration: Share Loyalty with all of your BBM friends
  • Unlimited Loyalty Cards (Loyalty Pro)
  • Backup and Restore your Loyalty Cards (Loyalty Pro)

Loyalty currently supports all devices running OS 10.3.0 and higher. You can purchase the Pro version for $1.99 within the application. We all could use a little less clutter and this Built for BlackBerry application will help.

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