If you enjoy perusing through the frontpage of the internet otherwise know as Reddit and haven't yet checked out Reddit In Motion on BlackBerry 10 then now is perhaps a great time to give it a look. The app has just been updated with a ton of fixes and improvements that make the app even better than it already was. Sitting at v1.2.11, the change log for this version is pretty massive.

  • Submit new text/link posts
  • Landscape orientation mode added. Good for watching videos
  • Links in comments can be clicked
  • New 'Go To" context action for the frontpage - Navigate directly to the subreddit of the selected post
  • Search Reddit from your homescreen - Reddit In Motion is now listed as an Extended Search option in Global device search
  • Highlighted text and url's from anywhere on the device can be shared to Reddit In Motion as a new post
  • Selftext posts now display correctly on the Z10. Fixes issue scrolling up to see the text

Needless to say, the fixes implemented in this release vastly improve the app and there is plenty more on the way set for future updates. If you're looking for a great Reddit reader, give this one a go today. Reddit In Motion is available as a free download and works on all BlackBerry 10 devices plus, it's a Built for BlackBerry certified app.

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