Reddit In Motion

While Reddit In Motion was updated earlier this month to correct some long-standing bugs, that release unfortunately, introduced some new bugs as well and now that the developer has had some time to look at them, a new version of Reddit In Motion has now arrived and is available for download through BlackBerry World. What has been fixed exactly? We've got the full changelog.

  • Links in selftext work again
  • WebView images are smaller
  • Subreddits are now sorted Alphabetically (Thanks to Azr79)
  • Fixed actionbar hiding when scrolling on devices running OS 10.3
  • Fixed issue with unsubscribing from subreddits
  • Other general bug fixes and improvements

Notably, the developer highlights the fact there's still a video bug he's working on, so another update isn't likely that far off to correct that but for now, you can download v2.4.2 from BlackBerry World right now for free.

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