UPDATE - Shortly after this post went up, I spoke with the developer who let me know he was aware of the issue with scrolling and will be releasing another update within the next 24 hours. Additionally, he noted he wanted to apologize to everyone for the issue having gone unnoticed.

Although there are several Reddit clients available in BlackBerry World, Reddit in Motion remains one of the most popular and after a short drought of updates, the developer has now pushed out a new release that addresses several issues related to how images appear within the app.

Reddit in Motion update fixes Gfycat links and Reddit image hosting errors

  • Fixed issue with Reddit's new image hosting - No longer shows "unauthorized" message.
  • Fixed issues with Gfycat links.
  • Added sorting options for Top category of a subreddit - View top of the hour/week/month etc.
  • Added Info view which shows the subreddit sidebar - subreddit view now shows the correct default subreddits.

I should note, however, that reading through the reviews, there are several comments stating that the update changes how images appear and some claim that images are being cut off requiring you to open them in the browser in order to view them fully. Something I also experienced. Armed with that information, you can download the update or hold off and see if another update comes along. In either case, it's still a solid update.

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