eddit In Motion update brings several bug fixes and improvements

Although there are several great apps for browsing Reddit on BlackBerry 10, one of the most popular ones has always been Reddit In Motion, mainly due to the updates it continues to receive from developer Domisy Dev and with that being the case, it might be no surprise to hear a new version has now been released and is available on BlackBerry World.

This update contains several bug fixes and improvements. Most notably:

  • Fixes issue of videos playing off screen.
  • Fixes invocation issues - Extended search, "Open in..." and Share functionality is working again.
  • Added ability to copy comment text.
  • Improved WebView functionality.
  • Made it easier to click links in comments.
  • Share permalinks to individual comments.
  • Threads now display the sub Reddit they were posted to.
  • Action bar hides when scrolling in the WebView for more viewing space.
  • More updates on the way with new features!

If you're already a Reddit In Motion user, you should be seeing the update. If you're new to the app, go ahead and give it a go as it's a completely free, ad free, feature rich Reddit client worth a look plus, as noted on Reddit, the developer is always open to suggestions on how to improve the app overall.

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