There is nothing more frustrating than searching through a stack of cookbooks trying in vain to find that one recipe needed to make dinner. What may be even worse is walking around the grocery store hoping that you can remember all the ingredients needed for a recipe. Now that I have Recipe Box on my BlackBerry PlayBook, I never have to worry about either of these issues again.

Recipe Box by Blacktop Interactive, LLC is allows you to keep all of your favorite recipes right at your fingertips. Need to add a new recipe you found? No problem. Simply add the ingredients needed to make the dish, prep or cooking directions and any photos you may have. Did the recipe need some adjustments made? The notes section is the perfect spot for any adjustments or corrections to a recipe that you may have found through the trial and error method. Don’t really feel like typing in all your recipes on the PlayBook’s virtual keyboard? Use the desktop editor instead!

Browse through all of your recipes in a list or scroll through the photo gallery view. Easily search for a recipe by category or keyword. Backing up your recipes is easy with Dropbox synchronization from within the application.


  • Dropbox synchronization
  • Quick search
  • Unit converter
  • List and gallery views
  • Free desktop editor available for download at

Recipe Box is available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99. Considering I spend $17 or more on cookbooks that I maybe use 10 or 15 recipes out of, this is a bargain. Adding all my favorite recipes was a breeze with the desktop editor. I no longer have to sift through page after page of recipes that I’ve never used just to find my favorites. No more dog earring pages trying to make the search easier. I simply grab my PlayBook, enter the recipe name and I’m off and cooking! When I don’t know what to make for dinner, I scroll through the pictures I’ve uploaded and just choose what looks good. Now I can easily search the net and add recipes that catch my eye to the Recipe Box app. The UI of Recipe Box is very nicely done and the app itself runs smoothly on the PlayBook. I LOVE having the desktop editor and Dropbox sync option. This is a great time saving tool if you love to cook and have a ton of recipes in your repertoire.

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