Reaper for BlackBerry 10 is free to download - which you'll be pleased to hear. This will give you access to the first 10 levels which is more than enough to tempt you into buying the premium edition if you so desire. At the time of writing this Reaper is only supported by the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 and I would imagine that is due to the style of game and the screen real estate. 

The concept of the game is quite simple - you need to move your character from left to right destroying all the bad dudes that get in your way. On the bottom left of the display you have two arrows that control your characters movements. Over on the right is where you need to get acquired with the gestures - although you will be given a tutorial the first time you play the game. This is where you can tap or double tap to jump, swipe down to swing your sword and also perform a downwards strike if you are in the air. 

As you'll see in the video there are various enemies you will need to combat. There are blue blobs which you'll need to strike various times depending on their size. Then there are flying evil bats which will require you to use your jumping moves to kill them. There will also be further bad guys on the ground - some who will fire at you which you'll need to dodge. 

Your 'life' is shown at the bottom center of the display and as you progress through the game you'll learn how to avoid losing as much as I did in the video. Once you complete a level you'll be taken back to the map where you would have started and in some cases you'll have a choice of the next challenge to take. 

The graphics and sound effects are great with Reaper and the game play is on par too. Go and grab the free version and give it a go - it's a bunch of fun. 

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