Regular CrackBerry readers are all too familiar with the name QNX these days, as it's the company that RIM acquired that developed the operating system that'll be hitting the BlackBerry PlayBook in the form of the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Of course, QNX has been around for a long time and has done a lot of stuff in a lot of industries, including automotive where it's known as the leader in infotainment systems. With the QNX name now common in daily BlackBerry talk, we found it pretty interesting to see this video pop up on youtube this week from RealVNC, which shows off their collaboration with QNX on demoing their support for Nokia's Terminal Mode (I know it sounds complicated... check out their press release here). Check out the video - it's cool stuff. Having your native BlackBerry experience on the big screen like that is cool. Would love to have that!  Thanks to Dave for sending this in!