RealPlayer SP Video Converter Now Available For Mac

Having been a user of RealPlayer SP's video conversion tool for a while now, I can say it's quite a handy application to have installed. The application it's self allows you to download videos direct from your browser and have them then converted to file formats which are compatible with multiple devices. BlackBerry, iPhone, iPods even PSP if you do so choose. The end result of conversions is typically always high quality depending on your source but now with Youtube and other sites moving more and more content to HD high quality content is aplenty.

The PC version of RealPlayer SP has been available since June of 2009 but finally, Real Networks has rolled out the Mac version for users to take advantage of. If you've been looking for a way dead simple way to convert those internet videos for your BlackBerry this is the best way to go. While I cannot personally try out the Mac version, I'm quite certain it will be on par with that of the PC version, if not better.  The basic version is available for free with the premium version setting you back $39.99. Personally, I see no compelling reason to pay for the premium offerings as the free version works great for conversion for BlackBerry but, that might be just me. Oh yes, for those that will ask. Real Networks is still very much alive ;)