RealPlayer SP beta Converts Video for BlackBerry

While attending WES this year one of the vendors in the Solution Showcase was indeed Real Media. When I went to go check them out I was given a great demo on a BlackBerry Storm of an (at the time) unreleased application which allowed you to easily and quickly take high quality videos from the internet (Youtube, Yahoo etc) and automatically convert and transfer them to your BlackBerry all within one or two clicks. I of course was impressed with the quality of these videos as often times "one click" solutions do not do a great job.

Here we are a few months later and the application shown to me is now ready for download in a beta form, but I'm sure it's much more polished than that. RealPlayer  SP and it's premium paid version RealPlayer SP Plus are great options for those who wish to have their favorite internet videos on the go. With support for multiple mobile devices (not just BlackBerry) this could be a multi-purpose tool for you too have. Currently only supported by Windows users however, Real Media has stated Mac Versions are on the way.

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