At BlackBerry Jam Asia, we scoped out an upcoming BB10 game built with HTML5 called Realm of Elysium. It was yet another finalist in the JamHack Asia competition which CrackBerry was happy to help judge. Though the mechanics are basically identical to Battleship, Realm of Elysium shines with rich, beautifully textured graphics.

During set-up, players place collections of runes representing various heroes on a grid. Once their allotment is down, they take turns picking squares where they think enemy runes are placed, leaving hit or miss markers behind. Each player gets a notification on their device when it's their move. The first one to wipe out the opponent's runes wins.

BBM connectivity will be implemented shortly for much-needed mid-game trash talk, and we can expect in-app purchases for new board and piece sets. Fancier game mechanics, such as spells that attack multiple squares at once, are also in the works. The devs hope to have Realm of Elysium ready for the BlackBerry 10 launch this January and will be pricing it at $0.99. I'm a huge fan of the subtle graphical touches, like changing the board based on time of day, plus I'm interested in seeing how they tweak the classic Battleship formula. Any takers?