If you were to go ahead and look up some of the results from RIM's Q4 2012 financial earnings, you'd instantly be blasted with the news they're exiting the consumer market. Yup, they're done. It's all over now. These dramatic reports are highly inaccurate. The worst part of it all is the fact that the dramatic headlines were spewed across some major news outlets stating it as a fact, some even before the Q4 2012 financial calls were done. Exaggerations of the mind, and irresponsible reporting -- point blank.

The reaction from RIM on the matter was on point, as noted by Patrick Spence, RIM's Managing Director of Global and Regional Marketing via his Twitter account:

"We remain committed to all of our Customers (consumer & enterprise) and are enhancing our support/solutions for enterprise."

RIM can't afford to exit the consumer market at this point, and while Thorsten Heins did state RIM would be revitalizing their enterprise efforts, that in no way signals an exit from the consumer market. RIM will NOT be changing their game plan in terms of the consumer market though, they will be focusing on what they do great in that area while improving their efforts in enterprise as well. Instead, think of it as a more targeted consumer effort.

BlackBerry 10 is a platform as a whole, it can be supported by enterprise as well as the consumer market. Apparently, everyone forgot the fact that BYOD fits into both those catergories as well, which was a key point of the RIM earnings call.

Via: CIO