We recently reviewed Google Maps, a free software from Google you can install on your BlackBerry. An updated version of this great application is now available, featuring real-time traffic information in over 30 major US metropolitan areas. The technology used for the traffic feature comes from ZipDash, a startup Google acquired in 2005. The traffic/speed database is built from multiple sources, including users. As the application is used on some phones, it reports its GPS information back to Google servers. This information is aggregated to build a picture of the current traffic situation.
Show Traffic
Select the “Show Traffic” option in the menu
Easily spot where the traffic is

Just like the rest of this software, the Traffic feature is easy to use, simply select “Show Traffic” in the menu. Displayed on top of your map, you’ll see 3 colors representing 3 traffic speeds:
- Green when speed is over 50 mph
- Yellow when speed is between 25 mph and 50- mph
- Red when speed is less than 25 mph
Screenshot 3
Chose alternate routes
Traffic legend

The Google Maps software is not quite a full replacement for a GPS/Navigation system in your car but we are getting closer!

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