Rogers BlackBerry Bold

Back on May 13th we dropped word that Rogers posted the BlackBerry Bold on their website and that you could sign up to receive notificiation on its release. It seems that release may be sooner than later. Hands-on images popped up yesterday of a Rogers-branded BlackBerry Bold. Apparently this is still a pre-production unit, which makes sense as its not yet running a Rogers theme (which is shown on the marketing pics on Rogers' site). When it comes to the Bold Release Date Rumor Mill, there have really been two stories.... either it's COMING SOONER THAN YOU THINK or IT'S GOING TO BE REALLLY DELAYED. Seeing an image like this gets me excited that maybe, JUST maybe I'll be holding a store purchased (rather than eBay purchased) BlackBerry Bold in my hands in a couple of weeks. It'll be interesting to see where in the world the Bold lands first. If you think back to the Curve, it actually showed up on the O2 Network in the UK a week before hitting AT&T and Rogers. I have a feeling this time around it may just be Rogers who takes the win.