We've seen our fair share of car racing games on BlackBerry 10 but another has shown up in BlackBerry World this week and although it may not be quite in the same league as Real Racing 3 it's actually pretty good and free to download. 

Originally an Android game, the developer has ported Real Race: Racing on Asphalt Track over to BlackBerry 10 so it runs perfectly. As you'll see below in the features list there's a selection of cars and tracks for you to conquer and with the option of either having tilt or touch steering it makes for a decent experience. 

This one is only for all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices I'm afraid, but if your a hardware keyboard user your more than likely a productivity person and not a gamer. That said - there are a fine selection of games for Q10/Q5 users which we recently detailed


  • 6 cars with completely different steering models
  • 4 unique tracks
  • driving model which connect best elements from simulation and arcade games
  • leaderboards where you can establish your domination
  • unique system of matching opponents in multiplayer which guarantee fun and challenging experience
  • 8 achievements on asphalt tracks

Give this one a try if you fancy it and let us know how you get on in the comments? 

More information/Download Real Race: Racing on Asphalt Tracks for BlackBerry 10