Ever since the Dimension L theme was introduced on CrackBerry, it has been a point of question for a lot of people in the forums and especially my “pm” box, lol. For a while there was a slick offering of it over at BBExtras.com but since that time the site is no longer offering themes, but luckily in came JC from GadgetBean.com to carry the torch. I recently won a copy of the Real iBerry Blocks Custom L Theme from a contest that was held over at BerryReview.com and figured I would share with you all the joy I found in this awesome BlackBerry theme.

Being designed with Plasmic 4.3, the theme is pretty slick with some rather unique animations in it. The icons have a nice “jiggle” effect to them and the applications button at the top slides in from the left hand side when highlighted on…The pictures really do not show this, so you will have to take my word for it ;)

Real iBerry Blocks Theme

The icons on this theme are nice and sharp and easily decipherable unlink some themes I have come across which leave you wondering “What the heck is that icon?” The shortcuts at the bottom are the calendar, tasks, contacts, browser, BlackBerry messenger, and the lock button. Unfortunately, there's no way to change these up :(

Real iBerry Blocks

The email/messages window is nice and clear as well, the only problem I found was within the font selection, this theme will over ride whatever font it is that you have listed as the default and not give you any option to adjust it, but don’t allow this to take away from the theme it’s self. Overall the theme is EXCELLENT!! and the many other themes offered by GadgetBean are sure to please as well. The iBerry Blocks theme is available for BlackBerry 8800, 8300 and 8700 series smartphones and you can pick this theme up for $7 at ShopCrackBerry.com.

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