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ReadOnTouch Pro v2.0

Just last week I took the time to review a new application for the BlackBerry PlayBook called ReadOnTouch Pro. Now at the time the application had a few missing features like landscape view and the ability to view images in the articles you’ve saved. But do not fret, ReadOnTouch Pro has been updated to version 2.0. The developer of ReadOnTouch Pro reached out to me and let me know a few things about the app and working with the BlackBerry platform. One was that he had had more downloads since it was featured on CrackBerry then its entire time on the WebOS platform, and second that the latest update is available and fixes a lot of the issues I pointed out in the review.

V2.0 Change log

  • Added: finally Images are available in article view!
  • added: special fullscreen mode: tap twice on the article-view to hide/unhide the toolbars!
  • added: portrait mode
  • added: scrollbar for article-view
  • added: new serif font: bbalpha sans
  • added: highlighting of search results in article list
  • added: ability to logout from current account
  • added: create new account from within the app changed: searchbox borders, now integrates seamlessly in article list
  • bugfix: no more accidently selecting article during scroll in article-list
  • and some other bugfixes

If you haven't tried ReadOnTouch Pro it is an application that allows you to save online articles for reading offline later. The application uses the Pocket service to give you the ability to click a bookmark on your computer browser and to immediately have that article sent to your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Sometimes I’m just amazed at the CrackBerry community. We are all downloading apps that are useful to us, and at the same time helping developers reach their goals and realize that the BlackBerry platform is where the potential is. If you haven’t had a chance to read the full review of ReadOnTouch Pro, you can do so here. ReadOnTouch Pro is available in BlackBerry App World and is currently priced at $1.99.

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