ReadItNow updated with several bug fixes and layout improvements

If you're like me and store away articles for later reading in your Pocket account, you'll be pleased to know ReadItNow, the third-party Pocket client on BlackBerry 10 has now been updated with several improvements and bug fixes across the board. Jumping into v6.9.4.0, the update is available right now in BlackBerry World and readily available for download. Have a look at the change log.

  • FIXED - Missing image when minimized
  • FIXED - No more annoying popups when loading some articles
  • FIXED - Font size issues on the BlackBerry Passport
  • FIXED - Another layout issue in the article list

As usual, updates are free if you have already purchased the app. For new users, it costs $1.99, and there's no better time than just after a fresh update to give it a go. ReadItNow is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones so hit the link to learn more.

Learn more / Download ReadItNow! from BlackBerry World