ReadItNow! updated to bring Hub Browser support, new themes and more

For those who use ReadItNow! this is for you. The app has received another update. An update with quite a lot of new features too, as well as fixes, which are always welcome. I really love to see developers constantly update and improve their apps and taking on user feedback. ReadItNow! is one of my most used apps and so I am very thankful to see it constantly updated.

If you don't know already, ReadItNow! is a third party Pocket client for BlackBerry 10. It is a read it later service that I make use of daily. This version brings a handful of new features including better control over font size and line height, so you can customize things the way you want. The ReadItNow! has also partnered with the developer of Hub Browser which means you can open articles via the Hub Browser app. You can change this back via the Settings within the ReadItNow! app.

Changelog for v6.9.6.2

  • NEW: open articles directly in Hub Browser!
  • NEW: showing search term in title
  • NEW: much better control of font size and line height!
  • NEW: added two new themes for grid view
  • NEW: added one new theme for list view
  • NEW: added french translation
  • NEW: added chinese translation
  • IMPROVED: bigger scaling of images inside articles
  • IMPROVED: completely re-written image download
  • IMPROVED: re-worked 'Add Article' dialog
  • FIXED: scrolling to top of article resets reading state
  • FIXED: and some other fixes!

ReadItNow! is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook. Updating is free. If you're a new user it will cost you $1.99. You will need a Pocket account in order to use this app. It is free to sign up for a Pocket account.

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