ReadItNow! receives a small update with a few new featuers and improvements

Third party Pocket client - ReadItNow! - has just had a small update pushed out today. This is one of my favourite apps, that I use daily and I'm really glad that it has a very active developer behind it. Update v7.5 sees a few new features included, such as the ability to automate background syncing at pre-defined intervals of your choosing. There are also some improvements thrown in there too.

What's new in v7.5?

  • NEW: no more blocked ui during sync!
  • NEW: ability to do automated background syncs in pre-defined intervals! (see sync settings!)
  • IMPROVED: ReadItNow detects automatically when you share an article to it and syncs instantly (also see sync settings!)
  • IMPROVED: tag dialog is now grouped by the first character of tag
  • UPDATED: german, czech, french, italian and russian translations
  • BUGFIX: list items will refresh properly after adding / removing tags

If you're a Pocket user, this is a great client to use on BlackBerry 10 and it receives regular updates. As usual, if you already own the app, updates are free. If you're a new user it will cost $1.99 and you will need a Pocket account to use it. Signing up for a Pocket account is free. ReadItNow! is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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