Read Out v2.0 adds the ability to share directly from the browser

It has only been a week since we reviewed the app Read Out and it hadn't even been released long before our review either. Today, Read Out sees an update to v2.0 with a handful of features to boot. It definitely is great to see dedicated developers to the platform. If you missed our review, Read Out is a text to speech app that allows you to have your emails read out to you or any text that you paste into the app. It even provided the ability to export it as an .MP3 file that you could then share if you wanted. With this update, Read Out now lets you share directly from the browser to make things even quicker, instead of having to copy and paste the text. There are a couple of new languages added too.

Read Out v2.0 full changelog

  • NEW: share URLs to Read Out!
  • NEW: enter URLs within the app
  • NEW: content from URL gets extracted and read out!
  • NEW: open text files within the app
  • NEW: ability to start playback on given position, when invoked
  • NEW: added support for new languages: greece, polish, portuguese
  • NEW: added page with information about supporting apps!

Read Out has also added integrated support to a handful of apps - BlackStack, ClipMan, gNewsReader, ReadItNow, Turbo Reader. You can check out our review for a quick look at the app. If you decide you like the app you can download it from BlackBerry World. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99. If you have any feedback for the developer you can use the contact details found in the About section of the app or you can hit up the CrackBerry Forum thread for the app. The developer is responsive and always willing to help.

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