FREE BlackBerry Pearl 8120!

I like receiving these kinds of emails...

A while back had an article about T-Mobile giving away 1,000 new Pearl 8120’s. All you had to do was fill out the give away form and wait for a response. Well, just like others did I’m sure, I filled out the form on the “off chance” I might be one of the lucky ones. I’m here to say, I was one of the lucky ones!!! Two weeks ago I received a phone call saying I was one of the lucky winners. I was still a bit skeptical, but I thought I’d just have to wait and see. I received my free T-Mobile Pearl 8120 in the mail last night but I didn’t see it until this morning. I’m at work today (sadly…) and it’s so hard not to play with my new toy.

So, many thanks go out to for the link and for helping me fuel my crackberry addiction even further. I’ll attach a picture of my new Wi-Fi enabled Pearl 8120 taken from my 8100 and the actual letter that came with the box.

Have a FANTASTIC day…I know I will!!!

- Brian

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