RC Mini Racers may well be my new favorite game on BlackBerry 10. The action packed game brings you more than just racing around the 32 available tracks as there are weapons involved too. As you drive around the tracks you can pick up missiles and bombs which can be used to strike the other opponents in the race - and that's a ton of fun.

With 22 cars in total - you will earn money from winning races as well as shooting the other cars in the race. The more money you earn the more you will have to spend in the shop where you can unlock other cars as well as pimp up yours.

There are plenty of jumps you can fly over, that also earn you cash, as well as obstacles such as parked cars. The graphics are smooth and the on-screen controls are easy to get used to. All in all, a great game.

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 RC Mini Racers is a super, fun game and it does feel realistic. It gets the thumbs up from me 100%.

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