Originally developed from 1990 onwards, the Raiden series was hugely popular on arcade machines as well as consoles. Now though, Raiden Legacy brings us four all time classic games rolled into one for BlackBerry 10.

For just a couple of bucks Raiden Legacy contains the following four titles:

  • Raiden
  • Raiden Fighters
  • Raiden Fighters 2
  • Raiden Fighters Jet

All four games are of the same concept - where you control a Raiden supersonic attack fighter and must defeat a barrage of enemies intent on destroying you. You control your fighter using touch controls and to make things easier your guns will fire automatically, although there is an option to disable this. Also on-screen you have a couple of other weapon tabs. What's quite clever is that if you don't like where they are positioned you can jump into the settings and move them to wherever you like - a nice touch.

Also within the settings you can even change the screen ratio - although I found the game harder to play this way. There are three sections of each game - 'Arcade Mode', "Mission Mode' and 'Training Mode', so you can at least practice before getting into the missions.

All the games are great fun, but if you are expecting a chilled out experience then you have come to the wrong place as things are totally manic. The onslaught of enemies doesn't stop and it's almost quite a stressful game.

Whether you remember the original Raiden games from back in the day or not, Raiden Legacy is a ton of fun. With plenty of 'power-ups' to collect along the way this one is going to have your heart racing. And with it being available for all BlackBerry 10 devices everyone can enjoy it.

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